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Rescue Coordinator: Barb Gregson      

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Looking for a rescued Pomeranian? 

Rescued Poms have a lot of love to give. Some of them will have come from wonderful homes where they were loved,  may have become lost or owner passed away and will be grateful for your love.

Other dogs may have come from bad situations where they were mistreated and not loved, but you will have the privilege of showing them the love they always deserved.

All rescued Poms will be up-to-date on shots and be spayed or neutered before adoption.

Our rescue is always in need of fosters & donations. 

It is by your support that we can help those in need find the homes they deserve. 

If you are looking for a puppy, be aware that very few puppies come into Rescue. For a well-bred puppy, look for a good breeder that breeds to the standard for health and temperment. To find a local breeder, check with our club members.